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CROSS CUT PENNIES, amazing grace, small cross, pocket cross There are 5 pennies and 5 small crosses. The pennies are punched one at a time in our shop in Angleton, TX. They are real pennies. After the cross being punched out, they are then cleaned to make them shine. They look like they are new, but they are old just cleaned. Now they are paired with a small wooden cross with amazing grace engraved on it. The cross is 1” wide and 2” in height. It has a small screw eye in the top for a ribbon or chain. (cord not included). If you would like it to be a pocket cross you can remove the screw eye. Each cross is cut in our shop in Angleton, TX. The cross and pennies would be great gifts for family, friends, or Sunday school classes, etc. You can use them to help spread the work of Christ. Share them with family, friends or a stranger at the store or on the street. God will use them. They make it easy to witness for Jesus. They are just a reminder of what Jesus did for us and that he loves us. GRACE IS SO AMAZING.

Tags 5 amazing grace 5 pennies new cross

SKU: W 220


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