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About 8 years ago, someone gave us a penny at the Methodist Christmas show. We ended up getting a machine to punch our own in 2014. Ronnie started punching and to date, Ronnie has punched over 1,000,000 pennies. When we first got the machine our granddaughter Trinity, then 4 years old, called them “Jesus seeds”. We want to plant them all over the world. God will make them grow. The pennies were started as a part of a ministry: Hope Connections. Hope Connections was created to help those in our area in need. Hope Connections furnishes the pennies and Crossroads takes them to all the shows and gives them out at their expense.

50 pennies for $ 10.00

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Crossroads 2.jpg
Crossroads 3.jpg
Crossroads 4.jpg

250 + 50 free for $ 40.00

A great way to witness to strangers or friends.

500 + 100 free for $ 75.00

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