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DECORATIVE CROSS, HANDMADE cross, inspirational words



This 14 ½” x 22 wooden, handmade cross is made in our shop in Angleton, TX.  This original cross is cut with pockets and then the wooden cross is stained and pockets are inlaid with Mother of Pearl.


A molded cross is laid on top of the wooden cross.  It is a beautiful red background with antique black around outside.  The word HOPE is on top quarter, LOVE and AMAZING GRACE are written in right and lift quarter.  A three dimensional heart of red, gold and black is in center with several rhinestones on it.  Lower quarter has LORD Hear my prayer.  It has decorative painted swirls on top and bottom.


Then the cross is poured with a resin to seal in everything and gives it a high gloss finish.  A truly beautiful cross.


SKU: W 7


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