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This cross portrays a cow girl that took time from her ride to stop at the cross and pray. She says “ May my belly never grumble, May my heart never ache, May my horse never stumble, May my cinch never break, Amen”. She knew to pray for the protection of God over her and her ride. Nice gift for that cowgirl in your life. This 7” X 4” X 3/8” wooden, handmade cross is made in our shop in Angleton, TX. All of our crosses are cut one at a time, sanded, painted or stained, sealed, engraved or hand painted in our shop. Some are smooth and some have pockets cut in them, which are filled with recycled material, glass, rocks, mother of pearl and a variety of other things. Everything on our cross in done in house. Each cross is made one at a time. The cross you receive may be a little different than the picture. The wood varies and if it is hand painted, they can be a little different, all alike but different. Just the way God made us all alike but a little different. This cross would be a beautiful gift to accent any home or an addition to any cross collection. This cross is a great spiritual and religious symbol, a wonderful home décor cross. This cross can stand alone or the first of a new collection.

Praying cowgirl w/horse

SKU: W 271


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