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This cross is 2” x 4” x 3/8” it is wooden, handmade in our shop in Angleton, TX.  All of our crosses are cut one at a time, sanded, painted or stained, sealed, engraved or hand painted in our shop.  Everything on our cross in done in house. Comes with a screw eye in top or hanging.


This small cross is cut in the shape of a foot print, it is painted a tan color with “My precious child I would never leave you I love and when you saw only one set of foot prints it was then that I was carrying you.” It is decorated with sea shells, charms, etc .  It is then poured with a resin for a high gloss shine.  It is a great small gift to use as a Christmas ornament or to hang in the car, key chain, back pack, fan pull, wall to fill in, etc. Each foot print is different from the other. No two are exactly like the other.


mini foot print

SKU: W-326