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This cross is cut, engraved and painted in Angleton, TX in our shop.  It measures 3” x 5” x  3/8”. It has a screw eye in top for easy hanging.  The cross is painted in a way that it looks like an old barn or fence board or antique wood, refurbished wood. .

 We all love our pets they do fulfill a need in our lives but can never fill the place meant for God. God made everything great for small God made them all. You can hang this cross in your car, use as a Christmas ornament, or many other things.  

Each cross is made one at a time. The cross you receive may be a little different than the picture.  The wood varies and if it is hand painted, they can be a little different, all alike but different.  Just the way God made us all alike but a little different.

Kitten Paws

SKU: W 247


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