DECORATIVE CROSS, INSPERATIONAL words cross, handmade, wooden cross


This  13” x 20 ½” wooden, handmade cross is made in our shop in Angleton, TX.  This original cross is cut with pockets and then the wooden cross is stained and then inlaid with recycled egg rock (small pebbles).


A molded cross is laid on top of the wooden cross, the cross is a traditional shape made of what looks like old plaster walls with metal bands across each quarter.  It is antiqued to show places where it is worn and broken.  The word HOPE is printed on top quarter.  Left side is printed with PEACE AND LOVE, right side is printed AMAZING GRACE. Lower part has AS FOR ME AND MY HOUSE WE WILL SERVE THE LORD. In middle is a metal look cross with second cross on top.


Then cross is poured with a resin to seal in everything and gives it a high gloss finish.  A truly beautiful cross.


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