THIS 14 1/2” X 22” X ¾” WOODEN, HANDMADE CROSS IS MADE IN OUR SHOP IN Angleton, TX. The cross is hand cut with pockets, sanded and stained. The pockets are inlaid with recycled mother of pearl. A molded cross is laid on top of the wooden cross. The cross is a very ornate Flour de lee pattern that has an antique off white color, as if is an old piece of ornate worn iron railing. Then the cross is poured With a resin for a high gloss finish. This cross would be a beautiful gift to accent any home or an addition to any cross collection. This cross is a great spiritual and religious symbol, a wonderful home décor cross. This cross can stand alone or become the first of a new collection.

Crackled Fleur-de-lis-large

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