For all the people who love humming birds. This cross reminds us of the beauty of God world and his love for his creations. The way that he loves us and gave us a beautiful world to live in. This 4 ½” x 7” x ¾” wooden, handmade cross is made in our shop in Angleton, TX. This original wooden cross is hand cut and stained, pockets are cut out in it, and the pockets are filled with pink transparent seed beads. The colorful metal humming bird is attached to the cross. The bird’s body is covered with transparent pink rhinestones, the wings are transparent green stones, and its tail is emerald green stones. The ends of the wings are a gold finish. Then the cross is poured with a resin for a high gloss shine. This cross would be a beautiful accent cross in any home or a beautiful addition to any cross collection.

Humming bird small red jeweled-small

SKU: W 80