This a great gift for a grandchild, any child, or anyone who loves to fish.  

This beautiful 9” x 14” original hand handmade cross is hand cut from pine and painted in our shop in 
Angleton, TX.  It is poured with resin to give it a high gloss finish.

Our artist goes to work to create a one of a kind cross.  It is created and decorated with fishing stuff.  There is a mirror in the center, so each time a child or anyone looks in it they see 
A fisherman that Jesus loves. The bottom of the cross says “This is the face of a fisherman that Jesus Loves. All hand printed.

Being hand made one at a time each cross will have its own personality, just as God made everything different no two are exactly alike.

This cross has the reflection of K’dyn the grandchild of the artist on it now.  Your special child or any special person in your life can also see the face of a fisherman that Jesus loves.

This handmade cross will be a great addition to anyone’s Christian Cross collection or a wonderful standalone piece. 

This is truly one of a kind original special cross.

Fisherman mirror-medium

SKU: W 108