This 8” x 13” wooden, handmade cross is made in our shop in Angleton, TX. This original cross is painted pink with a wooden cut out of a cowgirl boot. On it is printed the cowgirl Ten Commandments. It is decorated with glitter and rhinestones, with a small cross at top. COWGIRL TEN COMMANDMENTS 1 Just one God 2 Put nothing before God 3 Watch yer mouth 4 Git yourself to Sunday Meeting 5 Honor yer Ma n’ Pa 6 No killin 7 No foolin’ around with Another gal’s feller 8 Don’t take what ain’t yers 9 No telling tales or gossipin 10 Don’t be hankerin’ for yer girlfriend’s stuff Then the cross is poured with a resin to seal in everything and gives it a high gloss finish. A truly beautiful cross. This cross would be a great gift for that little cowgirl or an addition to any cross collection. This cross is a great spiritual and religious symbol.

Cowgirl ten commandments-x out

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