Christmas ornament small Angel mother of pearl This is a handmade Christmas ornament, it is made in our shop in Angleton, TX. It is 3” at widest part and 3 ½” tall. The ornament is hand cut, sanded, and sealed. This one is in the shape of an angel it is covered with recycled mother of pearl. The ornament is then poured with a coat of resin to seal in all the pieces of mother of pearl. Different from all the rest, each one is a little different, no two are exactly alike. The Angels came to earth to announce the birth of Jesus. Without Jesus there would be no Christmas, from the day Jesus was born he knew that the cross was ahead of him. This is a great Christmas ornaments different from all the rest. They would make a great small gift to a friend or loved one. Great for that party gift or use to decorate a package for a child or a child at heart.

Angel mother of pearl-x mini

SKU: W 207